Un atelier d’écriture en anglais avec Miss Sedlacek – Well done ! 

 » I don’t have any favourite dance because I love all types of dances. I really like the waltz for instance. I love the way it is executed. I would love to do a waltz for the prom when I am in terminale. I also like tango very much. Tango is a dance that talks to the body! The music makes people want to move their bodies but a very precise technique is required. It is a very intense dance. »

« I like B-boying and Hip-Hop because it is awesome. The dance is difficult to perform but when you know how to do it, it is pretty cool! I want to do hip-hop and b-dancing because when you dance, you can feel power and you want to fight your way to be the number one. I’m going to train and dance, no matter what it takes. »

« I really liked the neon dance. I found it really original and mesmerizing. The synchronization between the dancers was perfect and the light effects really went well with the music. Neon dancing is definitely one of my favourite styles of dance ! »

« I like watching the robot dance on you tube or in real life. There is also the neon dance that is really original and pleasant to watch (and maybe learn!). »

« The dance that I like best is the robot dance mixed with break dancing because I like the choreographies. They make you want to dance with the performers and copy the moves. When the music stops the dancers freeze with a special move or emotion. I know it takes a lot of time and practice to become a professional. »

« I like neon dancing because the fact that they all dance in the dark is amazing. The main attraction of this dance is the lights on their clothes. For me it is a very risky dance because if one of the dancers does one move too slowly or just a second too late, the whole performance is ruined. »

« I like B-boying or B-girling because to me it is an emotional sort of dance. Everyone can have their own style and it felt good to watch the girl dancing. »

« I like the waltz because I love ballroom dancing and classical music. I like slow steps and slow moves too. The waltz is the most romantic dance for me. »


And others comments from the 3A :

« I don’t really know how to breakdance but I love watching other people do it, not just professionals. I also love watching battles because they are very exciting ! »

« When I saw the woman dancing, I could feel that it had taken her a very long time to master her moves. Her body was athletic and the way she moved was splendid. She was expressing her feelings through her dancing. »

« My favourite type of dance was hip-hop. I love this dance! I love the way the dancers move because when they dance they want to show something. »

« I love music, having fun, dancing and laughing and that’s what hip-hop is about ! »

« I love break dancing! Break dancing is very hard to master and I like that. I don’t really like salsa for instance because the dance is too slow and it is easy to learn. »