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Dear Parents

You will find below the informations about the extracurricular activities for the kindergarten, the primary and secondary school, and also the activities of the Sports Association for the year 2021/2022.

The activities will start on Monday, September 13, 2021 and will end on Friday, June 24, 2022.

A daycare will be available from the first day of school for registered elementary students while waiting for the activities to start.

Kindergarten and primary extracurricular activities are held at the Thadeua site( primary school) except for soccer and archery which are held at the Hadxaykhao site( secondary school).

Extracurricular activities for the secondary school take place at the Hadxaykhao site, as well as the Sport association activities.

The annual fees for 1 hour of activity per week are as follows

Kindergarten activities: $90
Kindergarten: $50
Primary activities: $90
Secondary activities: $73
Sports Association Activities: $47

Students on scholarship are only required to pay an amount indexed to the percentage of their scholarship, with a minimum of 50%.

We remind you that any month started is due

Registration is done through the parents portal on the school’s website:


You can download the detailed brochure from the link below:

Best regards

Antoine Bonnafoux, extracurricular activities coordinator

[email protected]


Access to extracurricular activities

Please find attached file concerning access to extracurricular activities.
Extra-curricular safety_ENGLISH

A translation in Lao of the rules concerning access to extra-curricular activities is available:
Organisation entrée sortie pour le périscolaire ລາວ

Rules of activities and animators

The activity will be confirmed only if there is a sufficient number of registrations (minimum 12 students per activity).

Schedules and duration of activities are subject to change depending on enrollment.

For sports activities, a medical certificate will be required. We ask that you ensure that your child wears appropriate clothing (sneakers, shorts, tee-shirt, cap).

For each activity, the registered students are taken care of by an activity animator during the activity. A call is made at the beginning of the activity.

For primary students, the activity animator takes the students to the lobby at the end of the activity and waits for the parents. Except in exceptional cases, we ask that you wait until the end of the activity to pick up your child.

For activities that take place outside the school, we provide transportation from the primary school except in special cases, but you must pick up your child at the activity site (HADXAYKHAO) at the time indicated on the program.

Any change of activity during the year must be made by email to [email protected].

REGLEMENT INTERVENANTS - Activités Périscolaires

Registrations tutorial on SKOLENGO Parents Portal

You will find bellow a tutorial about registrations on SKOLENGO Parents Portal:

Registrations tutorial on SKOLENGO Parents Portal