Extension project

The extension project on grounds in Hatxaykhao district

Brief history

On September 1st 1986 the school opened its doors in Vientiane. Initially the school was located on the French embassy grounds until 1993 and then moved to its current site on Thadeua Road, a site totalling 5805 m2 belonging to the French embassy. Following a continual increase in student numbers an annexe was created on grounds located in Simuang village. This site totals 4800 m2 and has been in use since 01/11/2003, 544 m2 of which are used as school buildings for two preschool classes (the site is rented from the French embassy). At the same time, a new school building for the secondary school was built on the site on Thadeaua Road and was inaugurated in the Autumn of 2005.

At the beginning of the 2007 school year the school counted 384 students for a maximum capacity of 380. The managing committee at the time, began looking for a new site on which to extend the school. Following difficulties in finding a suitable site, the school began to rent an adjacent site of 800 m2 allowing for the establishment of 4 primary school classrooms in June 2008.

Research into the acquisition of a new site continued... And it wasn’t until 2015 that the site in Hatxaykhao district was finally acquired to enable the construction of a new secondary school building which will have the capacity to accommodate 450 students. The site was bought entirely by the AEFE on March 18th 2015.

Extension calendar

May 2015 1st mission of an architectural programmer from France to study the requirements of the extension to be built in Hadxaykhao.

July 2015 a campaign for architects is launched and 3 teams are selected from 5 proposals.

November 2015 the parents of the managing committee, following a proposal from the extension committee, make a decision in favour of the architectural firm DG.

January 2016 following the validation of the design plans the architectural firm DG begins work on the preliminary proposal.

May 2016 an Assistant Construction Manager is hired by the managing committee to supervise the construction of the new school building.

June 2016 The pre-construction phase is validated by elected parents, following proposals by the extension committee and supported by the Assistant Construction Manager and the building services regularly consulted.

In September following the pre-construction phase and the decision of the managing committee, the firm CHITCHAREUNE, begins construction work which should take 13 months...


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