The webradio of the French International school of Vientiane, by the Primary school students (in french).

program 6

A new program from the fifth grade in which you will learn all about the New Year's celebration in Laos.

program 5

Here are the latest tips: how to eat candy in classroom without being seen

program 4

In this program, you will learn everything, really everything about rabbits.

program 3

For the third webradio program, the 5th grade students talk about their school and their experiences in the classroom or in the canteen. They also met Mr. Goduel, the school principal, as well as the canteen chief.

program 2

For the second web radio show, the students present various columns: music, sports, fashion and even a weather report

program 1

The first LFIV web radio show is finally ready!

For this "premiere", our fifth grade journalists went to meet surprising people who had never before confided in anyone.

The students entirely produced this first show, from writing the "papers", to recording in the studio and editing the show.

Discover it here:

Future programs will follow very soon.