Pre-enrolment (new students) and re-enrolment (students already enrolled at the LIFV)

The parent portal "Skolengo" of the LFIV allows you to make your pre-registration/re-registration, to consult the list of invoices, your outstanding balance and your current reminders.

Please take advantage of the re-enrolment formalities to check the information on the students and the persons in charge (address, telephone, e-mail...).

A tutorial is available to help you step by step. Online Billing & Registration Tutorial – EN

A button for direct access to the portal is available on the right side of the page, or in "useful links" at the bottom of the page.

A tutorial is available to help you step by step. 1. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo_account_activation EN 2. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo _account_creation EN 3. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo_new_registration EN 4. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo_re-enrollment EN 5. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo_parent_portal EN 6. tutoriel_portail_parents_Skolengo_extracurricular_activities EN 7. tutorial_portail_parents_Skolengo_registration_extracurricular_activites_EN