As a school under agreement with the AEFEhe French International School of Vientiane prepares its students for the French “brevet des collèges” and “baccalauréat” degrees. Because of its international vocation, it also offers five language certifications.

Languages certifications

The French International School of Vientiane prepares and organizes five certifications to certify language levels. These degrees, in addition to the Brevet and the Baccalauréat, provide our students with a clear international dimension. Thus,

  • we prepare our students for Cambridge certifications (starting in 2017). English is not the language of instruction, but all of our students are sufficiently English-speaking to pursue international studies upon graduation from LFIV.
  • we prepare (since 2016) Chinese (Mandarin) certifications, the HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) certification that our students take at the University of Vientiane.
  • we prepare (since 2014) and organize (from 2017) the French language certifications: DELF
    we prepare (since 2015) certifications in Spanish, the DELE that our students will take in Bangkok.
  • we prepare and organize (since 2013) with the Laotian Ministry of Education and Sports certifications in Lao language.

Each year, between 100 and 150 students see their course valued by obtaining these language certifications.