Secondary school education, like primary school education, is accredited by the AEFE, guaranteeing conformity to the French educational model and organization as well as the quality of the education provided. This accreditation also allows French students to be eligible for scholarships.

The middle school

At the end of elementary school, middle school allows students to reinforce the acquisition of fundamental knowledge by combining theoretical and practical learning. All this new knowledge and skills contribute to the acquisition of a common base for each student. In the French educational system, the latter continues through cycle 3 in the sixth grade, then cycle 4 covering the seventh, eighth and nineth grades.

The education provided constitutes a set of values, knowledge, languages and practices. The aim is to master the French language, the main mathematical tools, a humanist and scientific culture allowing the free exercise of citizenship, but also the mastery of a living language and communication skills.

All these skills, evaluated regularly and validated at the end of the cycle, allow students to develop personally, to pursue their studies and to continue to train throughout their lives, as well as to integrate into society and participate, as citizens, in its evolution.

The entire teaching and educational team contributes to the development of these skills, taking into account the specificities of each student to ensure the success of all.

The high school

The high school groups together the tenth grade – which is known as the determination class – and the terminal cycle (in two years comprising) the eleventh and twelveth grades.

The determination class, 10th grade

It provides a general education. At the end of the year, students must choose the three specialties that they will pursue in the eleventh and twelveth grades from among the following:

  • History-geography, geopolitics and political science
  • Languages, literature and foreign cultures
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and chemistry
  • Life and Earth Sciences
  • Economic and Social Sciences
The terminal cycle, 11th and 12th grades

In the French educational model, it begins in 11th grade and follows the choice of series after the 10th grade. In two years, it prepares high school students for the general baccalaureate and the pursuit of higher education, mainly in universities, preparatory classes, schools for higher technicians, etc.

The combination of specialties a student chooses, depends on his or her affinities and desires as well as his or her skills. Even if it is always possible to progress, it is important to take into account one’s academic level when choosing one’s specialties, to ensure that the end of the secondary cycle goes well. The idea is to build a coherent orientation project as early as the 10th grade, which is then fed by school and extra-curricular activities. In this way, the high school student explores and matures his or her orientation project during 11th and 12th grades to then obtain the school of his or her choice on Parcoursup and begin his or her higher education under the best possible conditions.

The 11th grade includes a large proportion of common courses (80%) while allowing for the beginning of specialization . In the final year(12th grade), the proportion of common courses (30%) decreases in favor of greater specialization (where each student retains two of the three specialties taken in the first year) with a view to pursuing higher studies.

Personalized support

Integrated into the students’ schedule, it is a teaching time distinct from traditional class time that offers several activities:

  • support for students who are experiencing difficulties;
  • deepening of knowledge or a different approach to the subjects studied;
  • help with school counselling, based on the discovery of jobs and training.

In all cases, the accompaniment allows for work on disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods.

In 10th grade, personalized support helps students to adapt to the demands of high school, acquire work methods and build their career plans.

In the 11th grade, personalized support encourages the acquisition of skills specific to each course of study. It prepares students to begin planning for their future after the baccalaureate.

In the 12th grade, the activities focus on the specific courses of each series, to help students prepare for the methods of higher education. Students are thus able to finalize their career choices.

Optional courses can be taken in Lao (LV3) and in Arts

As an establishment under contract with the AEFE, the staff applies the french national education’s reference framework of competencies.