This difficult period that we have just gone through has imposed a new approach to the practice of visual arts. Within the framework of pedagogical continuity, many students have seized the opportunity given to them to exercise their creativity in a more playful and autonomous way, as for example with these works of the 9th grade students which mark out a very beautiful artistic and cultural course (PEAC) on the feminine in art. Thank you to our students and their families for their involvement and seriousness, which allowed us to travel through time and space… Come with us into the LFIV museum.

1 – Rosie-la-riveteuse (affiche de propagande aux USA) par Luce (3eB)
2 – La Jeune Fille au Chapeau de Paille de Renoir par Syriyaphone (3eA)
3- La Danse par Athida (3eA)
4 – Frida Kahlo par Allelujah (3eB)
5- Lecture et surréalisme par Chansirisopha (3eA)

We present you the superb artistic productions of our middl school students on the theme of the re-reading and the detour of images. Here is a small selection of portraits that brings together all eras but are also all magnificent self-portraits.

le musée du LFIV les élèves se déguisent en peinture célèbre

In the LFIV museum we left the cartels blank. Will you be able to rediscover the authors behind these famous paintings and those who interpreted them?

the LFIV museum, students dress as famous paintings

Beware, it’s not that easy, and it’s to be followed on this blog…