Charters and regulations

As an accredited school, the LFIV follows the regulations of French school establishments. In this regard the primary and secondary schools are subject to internal regulations:

  • The establishment of internal regulations implies the association of all members of the educational community and is the occasion for a real discussion to ensure that these rules are the result of a collective collaboration allowing for the best possible adoption of its provisions.
  • The internal regulations for primary and secondary schools are in accordance with codes of civility and student behaviour. Furthermore, regulations may define some ideas of verbal violence; serious acts requiring an obligatory predetermined course of action, should a student engage in such behaviour.
  • A copy of the internal regulations is distributed to each family.

The school canteen also has its own list of rules and a copy of these rules is also distributed to parents of students attending LFIV. The LFIV has rules regarding « school committees » which are made up of groups of parents and staff mandated by the Managing Committee to reflect and make proposals for matters related to a clearly defined domain over the period of a school year. Each committee has its own charter which will detail:

  • Its domain of intervention
  • Its objectives for the year
  • Its members
  • Its relationship with the governing body of the school including obligatory meetings with the latter
  • Its relationship with the Managing Committee including the obligation to submit a minimum of a one annual report.

Primary School Rules and Regulations 2020-2021 EN
Secondary School Rules and Regulations 2020-2021 EN
Règlement intérieur secondaire 2020-2021 LAO
Règlement intérieur primaire 2020-2021 LAO